DataWiz is held in conjunction with the ACM Hypertext 2014 conference (September 1-4, 2014).

The workshop aims at bringing together an interdisciplinary audience (e.g. computer and cognitive scientists, designers, data journalists), in order to discuss tools, models and metaphors useful to understand and explain input or output data through advanced graphical user interfaces.

In fact, interacting with data by means of intriguing visual representations, that can eventually be accessed from the Web, is a fundamental approach to accurately present scientific findings in an appealing way. The aim is to leave to the observer (likely an expert of the domain) the task of exploring complex phenomena, without the pain of dealing with issues such as data complexity and overload of information. This workshop focuses on both scientific and information visualization, and discussions of best practices and innovative approaches are welcome.



  • Bringing together researchers from multiple disciplines to discuss and debate current efforts toward using data visualization approaches for exploring, analyzing and understanding information;
  • Encouraging innovative data visualization methodologies, especially interdisciplinary approaches;
  • Triggering different scientific communities (e.g. computer scientists, designers, data journalists, physicists and biologists) to propose research areas, topics, solutions to problems that should be tackled from the data visualization perspective.



23 May 06 June, 2014 Paper submission deadline (CLOSED)
06 June 04 July, 2014 Notification to authors (CLOSED)
28 July, 2014 Camera ready copy submission deadline (CLOSED)
01 September, 2014 Workshop day
01–04 September, 2014 Hypertext 2014 conference

All dates and times are given in CLST time (UTC/GMT -4 hours). Deadlines are at 23:59 on the specified date.



Please, go to HT 2014 participation page to get information on fees and to register on line.



Martina Deplano (Computer Science dept, University of Turin, Italy) – deplano@di.unito.it
André Panisson (ISI Foundation, Turin, Italy) – andre.panisson@isi.it
Giancarlo Ruffo (Computer Science dept, University of Turin, Italy) – ruffo@di.unito.it