09:00 Welcome to DataWiz 2014

09:30 Invited Speech

Reyes-Garcia Everardo “Explorations in Media Visualization

10:30 Break

11:00 Session 1 – “Data Journalism I”

Graves Alvaro and Bustos-Jiménez Javier “Towards Visual Overviews for Open Government Data

Medeiros Jean Maicon, Regattieri Lorena and Malini Fabio Luiz “The use of modularity algorithms as part of the conceptualization of the perspectival form in large networks

11:40 Session 2 – “Data Interfaces”

Honaker James and D’Orazio Vito “Statistical Modeling by Gesture: A graphical, browser-based statistical interface for data repositories

Móro Róbert, Daráž  Jakub and Bielikova Maria “Visualization of Gaze Tracking Data for UX Testing on the Web

12:20 Lunch

14:00 Session 3 – “Data Journalism II”

Regattieri Lorena, Goveia Fabio, Herkenhoff Gabriel and Malini Fabio Luiz “MarcoCivil: Visualizing the Civil Rights Framework for the Internet in Brazil

Ferrara Emilio, De Meo Pasquale, Catanese Salvatore and Fiumara Giacomo “Visualizing criminal networks reconstructed from mobile phone records

Regattieri Lorena, Chartier Ryan, Windsor Jennifer and Rockwell Geoffrey “TweetViz: Following Twitter Hashtags to Support Storytelling in Data journalism

Honorato Johanna, Cypriano Lucas, Goveia Fabio and Carreira Lia “The color of the street: color as images visualization parameters of twitter pictures from Brazilians Manifestations of 2013

15:20 Break

16:00 Session 4 – “Data Explorations and Exploitations”

Yousuf Bilal and Conlan Owen “Constructing Narrative Visualizations as a means of Increasing Learner Engagement

Cazabet Remy and Takeda Hideaki “A Visualization Platform For Exploring Cooperation

Celestini Alessandro, Di Marco Antonio and Totaro Giuseppe “A Data Extraction and Visualization Framework for Information Retrieval Systems

17:00 Conclusion and Final Discussions